Stop Struggling in the Sunlight

Invest in prescription sunglasses in Abilene, TX

Prescription sunglasses from Optical Express are stylish, functional and affordable. We carry a wide range of options at our store in Abilene, Texas. Pick a color, style and fit that works for you. You can also add a mirror coating to your sunglasses. This coating will reflect the sun more effectively to protect your eyes from the harsh sunlight. 

Visit our sunglasses store today to shop for your prescription lenses.

To learn more about choosing a lens color for your sunglasses, read more here.

3 benefits of polarized sunglasses

Optical Express offers polarized lenses for our prescription sunglasses. We recommend these lenses for a lot of our clients. Polarized lenses can:
  1. Reduce glare. When the sunlight reflects off snow, wet roads and other surfaces, it can be difficult to see properly. Polarized lenses filter the light to prevent glare.
  2. Last a long time. Our polarized prescription sunglasses are designed to last, so you won’t have to worry about the polarized layer fading.
  3. Relieve eye strain. Squinting and straining your eyes is really damaging to your vision. By using polarized sunglasses, you can prevent that strain.

Whether you need standard lenses or bifocal lenses for your sunglasses, you can rely on our team in Abilene, Texas to create them for you. Shop for new sunglasses at our store today.

Sunglass Brands We Carry

More Brands In Store!

Looking for a particular style or frame check out their sites. We are authorized retailers for all of these brands and we can order any of these options for you! 


To learn more about choosing a lens color for your sunglasses, read more here.